How pricing is done

On the dancefloor at a wedding where Maskell is DJing

On the dancefloor at Laura and Larry’s wedding

Pricing is made simple with a flat, all-inclusive quote that covers everything. There is no nickle-and-diming or pointless “premium” upgrades or “deluxe” downgrades. Quotes are based on the overall requirements and the actual needs of your wedding. The recommended sound equipment is included, along with a complementary lighting system like the one shown below. (Demonstrated at Julia and Chuck’s wedding.)

Generally, there is no charge for add-ons. Want to add on a wireless mic? No extra charge. Want more lights or a different rig? No extra charge. Want to run a bit longer than we originally planned? No extra charge. Want a video projector? No extra charge. I am only limited by the amount of space in my car and the time the venue allows for setup and breakdown.

Speaking of which, this is the full inventory of lighting equipment, demonstrated during sound check before doors opened at Big Night DC new years eve. All of this fits in the car. On an unrelated note, I’m very good at Tetris.

If you’d like to see what Maskell can do for your wedding, get a customized price quote from DJ Maskell now, and make sure to provide a quick overview of your wedding so he can make an accurate quote for you.

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