I am a wedding vendor, and I stand for marriage equality

With the Supreme Court now hearing arguments about two landmark cases, I’m calling on my fellow wedding vendors to speak out and publicly show their support for the cause. The rulings handed down from this case may very well determine the future of marriage equality and gay rights for generations to come.

My reasons for supporting equal rights are simple: Love between two people is the exact same no matter how you cut it. Love is love. Marriage is an expression of that love; a sign of dedicated commitment, trust, and undying support for one’s partner. It is a basic human right that should not be frivolously denied based on stereotypes, misconceptions, hate, or the religious beliefs of some. Simply put, being gay is not a “choice” or a “lifestyle”, it is how people are born. Who are we to deny them the joy of marrying someone they love?

I am posting this to show my support for the cause and to reaffirm my commitment to continue providing my services to all couples in love, regardless of sexual orientation. I fully support the right for people in love to marry each other, and I’ll be happy rock the dancefloor at your wedding to celebrate it.

If you’re a fellow wedding vendor who is proud to serve all weddings too, now is the time to come out and show your support in the wedding community. Join me. Put it on your website, tweet it, facebook it, spread the word.

– Mark Maskell
Washington DC DJ and Uplighting Specialist

Learn more about the cause at Human Rights Campaign

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