Wedding/Event Uplighting in VA, DC, MD – Completely Wireless LED Uplighting

Maskell offers a complete LED uplighting system that is 100% wireless and can be used virtually anywhere at any time! Uplighting can be booked by itself as a standalone service or as a package deal with DJ booking.


Uplighting Richmond Virginia by DJ Maskell at Bolling Haxall House. Uplighting in Richmond by DJ MaskellUplighting helps to set the atmosphere/vibe/mood/feel of a room by splashing colors on walls, architectural features, and designs. This provides visual accents, highlights, and points of interests in the room that are as subtle or brilliant as you’d like.

LED lighting effects can be set to shine with virtually any color, and can be placed just about anywhere since there are no cords at all. Dramatic lighting effects are easy and inexpensive to achieve with Wireless LED Uplighting.

The lights can also be set to display different colors in different areas, run color fades, follow patterns, run dynamic patterns that respond to the music and more. The possibilities are endless.

Active/responsive light shows

When used in conjunction with Maskell’s DJing (or another DJ or even a live band), he actively runs the lighting system as a reflection of the music, providing an incredible enhancement to the musical experience that is only seen in larger nightclubs with a coordinated lighting system.

When the music is chill, we slow down the lights with a slow and chill pattern. When the music is building up, we set the lights to be increasingly exciting as the music builds. When the beat is slamming and the crowd is going wild, the lights are going nuts too; flashing, changing patterns, changing colors, and strobing in sync with the beat. The lighting is always a dynamic, active reflection of whatever is coming out of the speakers.

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Maskell’s uplighting rig in action

This is a gallery of just a few of the many weddings and events we’ve done uplighting for in the Washington DC / VA / MD area. Fun side note: the manufacturer of our lighting equipment, Chauvet Lighting, now uses pictures of our lighting rig to demo the Chauvet Freedom Strip LED.