DJ Maskell: Washington DC Nightclub DJ

DJ Maskell on the decks at Shamrockfest in 2011

DJ Maskell has gained the most recognition over the years from his extensive career as a Nightclub DJ and Promoter. From his early days of throwing house parties at JMU to holding residencies and playing guest spots at the biggest nightclubs in DC, to even opening his own nightclub, he’s made a remarkable career for someone who is just 27 years old.

Maskell’s style as a DJ

Maskell’s specialty is Mainstream Dance Music of all forms, with a tilt towards the electronic side, which he brings alive with his limitless energy and unbounded showmanship. Whether the event calls for Top 40, Dance, House, Trance, Hip Hop, 90s, or a total blend, Maskell puts on a killer set in just about any dance music genre. His focus is putting on a party that everyone in the crowd will enjoy.

His style is simple yet delicious: play the songs people know and want to hear.

“DJing isn’t about showing off how many obscure mashups and remixes you can quick-mix into every nanosecond, its about building a party and getting the crowd excited and giving the crowd exactly what they want: Good music they can dance to.” – DJ Maskell

When he’s not playing playing Top 40 and Dance hits on the main floor of a club, you’ll hear him playing to his true passion of Electronic Dance Music. House, Trance, Electro, Dirty Dutch, and especially Progressive House and Trance. (Sorry, no horrible dubstep!)

A crazy night on Maskell’s dancefloor during his 3 year residency as DJ and Promoter at Ultrabar DC

Taking the lead with promotions and throwing events

What sets Maskell apart from other club DJs is his ability to independently promote and throw big events, and regularly bring out a large crowd to his events. He’s drawn hundreds of people to his own events at some of the biggest clubs in DC including Ultrabar, Barcode, Lima, Fur, MCCXXIII, Caribbean Breeze, and dozens more.

DJ Maskell started to gain significant notoriety as a promoter back in 2008 when, after years of promoting and DJing, he kicked off a the epic party that would launch his career into overdrive. His Wednesday and Thursday Night Dance Parties took the party scene at James Madison University by storm.

Held at Maskell’s very own nightclub, Bourbon Street on Main, the events regularly packed in hundreds of JMU students into the club every week over its three-year-run, ripping up the dancefloor like no other party before or since. The legacy lives on to this day. Just ask anyone who went to JMU during those years. Words can’t do the party justice, so we’ve got the video instead:

As a co-founder of Bourbon Street on Main, DJ Maskell kept himself very busy with this party. In addition to being the DJ, he also acted as the Host, Promoter, Photographer, Videographer, and Club Lighting Technician, in addition to his regular duties as General Manager.

(Learn more about Maskell’s days at JMU: Pictorial history, with full annotations.)

Playing at big events, concerts, and festivals

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Going forward into the future

With his combined DJ and powerful promotional abilities, its not hard to see why DJ Maskell has come to dominate the club scene. Expect great things as DJ Maskell’s career rises to new heights.

DJ Maskell with Lil Jon in 2011

DJ Maskell with Lil Jon at Fur Nightclub DC

DJ Maskell headlined at GLOW Washington DC on April 11, 2009

DJ Maskell headlined at GLOW Washington DC on April 11, 2009