Maskell’s Style as a Wedding DJ

Parents on the dancefloor at a wedding with DJ Maskell

Father of the Bride is clearly having a great time with Maskell on the turntables.

DJ Maskell’s style is unique because of his background in nightclubs. He really knows how to get a crowd going and keep everyone dancing throughout the night while still being able to run the other parts of the wedding in a traditional manner. Unlike many wedding DJs, Maskell spins on turntables and runs an active dynamic lighting system, all of which is combined with his crowd interaction that is second-to-none. He is a born entertainer with elements of his upbeat personality, outgoing nature, and endless energy visible in his DJing style.

His nightclub background also gives him a distinct advantage in music selection. Regularly playing for some of the hottest clubs in Washington DC, Maskell can be counted on to play hit after hit after hit of the very best in current Top 40, Dance, Hip Hop, and Club Hits. The songs we know and the versions we love, with the exact blend of music depending completely on your taste in music. He is also exceedingly flexible; willing to completely bend his style to match yours, even if that means playing none of his own music.

Dancing at a wedding DJed by Maskell

Music selection can easily be made appropriate for all ages without sacrificing fun, and without playing bad music.

But it’s not just about playing Top 40 all night. Maskell is also fully prepared with the option to play some of the best hits from Motown to 80s in consideration of parents, grandparents, and guests from the older generation. Often played during just the first part of the dancing section, this optional music selection is carefully selected to make the older generation happy while still entertaining guests from the younger generation.

That being said, it’s also important to note that crap will never, ever be played:

“You will never hear horrible songs like YMCA, Electric Slide, Macarena, Chicken Dance, etc. coming out of my speakers. Ever. In my opinion, any DJ that plays that stuff should be sentenced to a lifetime ban from DJing, and should probably be tarred and feathered for our amusement.” – Mark Maskell