POP! launches this Friday at Ultrabar with DJ Maskell!

*Note: This event is no longer being held*

pop nightlife, dj vh1, ultrabar, dj maskellPOP is the latest sensation to hit Washington DC, featuring pop artists, djs, events, celebs, and special premieres and releases every week, along with the best in Pop Music played down in the newly renovated vault by JMU legend DJ Maskell!

To kick off the party, we’ve got Lady Gaga’s very own DJ VH1 headlining on the main floor!  If you’ve ever been to a Gaga concert, he’s right there on stage bangin’ it out at every show, so you KNOW this is going to be awesome!

The vault level features a new music format too… POP!  Nothing but the best in Pop dance music that college girls love!  Its the style made infamous by the success of Bourbon Street Harrisonburg, now brought home to DC at Ultrabar!

“I finally solved the ages-old problem of scummy guys bothering girls at the club.   Every time I see one bothering a girl on my dancefloor, I start playing stuff like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Lady Gaga, and magically the scum goes away!  It works better than bleach!  The girls love it and the trashy guys hate it! Its great!” Maskell said.

Check it out THIS FRIDAY at Ultrabar!  Ages 18+, proper ID and attire is required.  Dress code Casual, no shorts, sandals, baggy jeans, oversized tee shirts, etc..

GET IN FREE on Maskell’s Guestlist.  email me by 7pm Friday.  If you’re not familiar with using Guestlist, see Guestlist 101 to get filled in.

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